About Us


MYNY means finding an apartment for rent that fits your needs and budget. MYNY means working with a real estate agent that sells your home quickly, smoothly, and delivers on price. MYNY means becoming a homeowner when your real estate agent discovers and helps you close on the property that is perfect for you.

As a specialist in residential rentals and sales, MYNY can help Make NY Yours. More importantly, we understand that each person requires individualized services in this dynamic, diverse market. Whether you are a renter, owner, or buyer, we take the time to learn what MYNY means to each of our clients.

Are you a renter? Our rental agents have access to the inventory to successfully match your budget and requirements with an apartment for rent. Are you a buyer? Your wants and needs are our priority when researching what available properties may become your future home. Are you an owner? Your property is as unique as you, therefore we market every listing with a customized marketing plan to get you to the closing table quickly.

Are you ready to Make NY Yours? We invite you to find out what MYNY means to our clients.